Hawnuh Lee


Best Baba Ganoush

An easy, seasonal spread making use of all those delicious eggplants in your crisper and a creamy, homemade tahini!

Lemon Cucumber + Heirloom Tomato Salad

Lemon Cucumber + Heirloom Tomato Salad

A flavorful summer favorite featuring lemon pepper cucumbers and heirloom tomatoes. Bright, refreshing, and so simple!

Dark Chocolate Nutty Banana Peel Muffins

Make the most of your produce with these delicious, nutty banana peel vegan muffins. Dark chocolate is a great accent to these maple syrup sweetened treats. They won’t last long!

Herb Scraps Chimichurri

This recipe is great for using up other herbs you don’t know what to do with…

Rhubarb Dark Chocolate Vegan Brownies

This recipe was inspired by The Endless Meal’s Dark Chocolate Brownies. Lucky for you I had…

spring salad ingredients

Easy Radish Greens Spring Salad

Proper radish green storage: Separate radishes from stems. I just break them apart with my hands….

carrot top dip with carrots (peels on!)

Carrot Top + Kale Dip

Another tasty option for this carrot top dip is this homemade matzo aka crispy flatbread! It’s…

homemade, package-free matzo

Package-Free Matzo

As kids, matzo replaced any semblance of bread in our house and our resentment for the…

purple cabbage, carrot, apple, brussels sprout slaw with tahini dressing

Winter Slaw with Creamy Tahini Dressing

A winter slaw salad is a great vehicle for tahini dressing and delicious all on its…

buddha bowl with mix of winter vegetables, brown rice, and black beans

Use-It-Up Roasted Buddha Bowl

You can really get creative with the vegetables you use here, which is why this is…

broccoli stalk and toasted hazelnuts

Roasted Broccoli Stalk with Toasted Hazelnuts + Lemon

Save your broccoli stalks for this well-balanced dish, accented with toasted hazelnuts, a shallot dressing, and lemon.

close up of DIY granola bars with almond milk

The Best Package-Free Granola Bars

Sustainable snack food is critical when thinking about a closed loop kitchen. Before taking a mindful…

roasted cauliflower leaves and lemon on a tray

Crispy Roasted Cauliflower Leaves

Roasted cauliflower leaves make for a crispy, flavorful addition to your salad bowl or a quick…

strawberry vegan cheesecake with almond pulp crust

Swirled Vegan Strawberry Cheesecake with Almond Pulp Crust

What other alternative crusts have you tried? Let me know if you give this a go!…


Tender Lovin’ Chickpeas from Scratch

Bulk bin dried beans are a great, low impact approach to alternative protein. Bring that reusable…

tahini flat lay

Homemade Tahini Dreams

For a long time I didn’t know the amazing richness of real toasted sesame seeds. In…

soaking almonds for almond milk

Almond – All the Time – Milk

Tetra packs in theory are recyclable, but just because something is recyclable doesn’t mean it gets…

bulk bin granola with fruit and homemade almond milk

The Best Bulk Bin Granola

Homemade granola is a delicious, low waste alternative helping you avoid all of the extra plastic…