pouring drinks for the scrap supper

Pop-up People! Scrap Supper Success Pt I

All photos in this article are courtesy of Leslie Kavasch, you can find more of her…

Scrap Supper | Winter Edition

Hello friends! After receiving such positive feedback from our last dinner we’re happy to announce…

green and grey rainbow illustration representing a dish towel

8 Things You Can Do with a (Clean) Dish Towel

Dish towels don’t get enough respect. A clean, absorbent cloth is one of the best,…

peeled and whole orange illustration

Living Sustainably with Amanda McLemore of Baguette & Butter

The contents of Amanda McLemore’s pantry look more like what you might find in your…

strawberry top infused water in glass jar

4 Great Ways to Use Strawberry Tops

So you’ve got strawberry tops intended for compost? Those cute lil greens with the awkwardly…

illustrated vegetable medley

The Improvisational Kitchen

Welcome to the improvisational kitchen – the funniest way to cook! Well, the most practical way…

blockprinted linens and pink + purple flowers

The Scrap Supper Series

Hello friends! After a short hiatus, Closed Loop Cooking is back on track! I spent…

envelope illustration

Letter to the Editor (From Gram)

I’m lucky enough to still correspond with my grandmother, Helen. She’s a dang, dear woman…

litterless orange slices in reusable bag illustration

5 Easy Swaps towards a Low Impact Kitchen

Changing Kitchen Habits One Trash Bag at a Time A few weeks ago we ran…

DIY produce wash illustration

Your Low Impact Produce Wash Guide

I’ve learned that buying local / loose produce at the farmer’s market or grocery store…

pantry goods nuts and seeds

What to stock your plant-based pantry with (vegan approved!)

Simple pantry staples can help you be prepared any time of the year.

low waste shopping kit

How to make a low waste shopping kit

Having your low waste / zero waste kit on your person will come in handy more often than you think.

Kate Weiner Illustration

Light, Love, and Loam with Kate Weiner

Through printed words, conscious community experiences, and conversation, Loam encourages sustainable practices and intersectionality.

plastic wrap alternative to covering bread dough

7 low waste swaps for plastic wrap

There are better low waste alternatives to using plastic wrap to keep your food fresh!

Jen Hung illustrated portrait

Food Curious with Jen Hung

Jen’s blog, Root Fare, embodies her resolve to not accept something as truth just because a label or tradition says it’s so.

loose leaf herbal tea

Low Waste Self Love

Let’s celebrate this Valentine’s Day with some important self care reminders we can keep up with everyday of the year.

illustration of Sophia Roe

Food, Feelings, and Reframing with Sophia Roe

Chef and wellness advocate Sophia Roe exudes youthful enthusiasm, but it’s clear she’s wise beyond…

produce in a mesh bag illustration

New Year, New Low Impact Intentions

We’re back with our quarterly series from Moji Igun of Blue Daisi Consulting. Moji is taking…

illustrated portrait of Em von Euw

Rehumanizing with Em von Euw of This Rawsome Vegan Life

Em von Euw is the writer, activist, and all around plant-based champion behind the beautiful…

Vegan carrot cake

Baked Nostalgia with Masa Madre

Tamar Fasja Unikel and Elena Vázquez Felgueres are two halves of Masa Madre, a bakery…