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Plant-based, low waste. Closed Loop Cooking is here to break down barriers around living and eating sustainably. This is for anyone who eats.

Unnecessary food waste and excessive packaging perpetuates food injustice and is a serious threat to the environment. Plant-based recipes minimize waste and offer so much variety for endless meal combinations and scraps that are easier to compost. Even incorporating one or two plant-based meals per week in your diet makes a significant difference.

Let’s have a meal, let’s close the loop.

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Meet the Team


Hawnuh Lee

is the founder / designer / illustrator behind Closed Loop Cooking, a food media platform focused on reducing food waste and single use kitchen items. Closed Loop Cooking is the culmination of Hawnuh’s multidisciplinary creative approach. The platform is at the intersection of design education, storytelling, and sustainability–pulling inspiration from her 10+ years of restaurant experience and professional design work.

Maia Welbel

Maia Welbel

is a writer, sustainable food activist, and yoga teacher based in Chicago. She is passionate about using storytelling to help people treat our planet with more compassion. With a background in environmental science and journalism, she aims to make sustainable living and eating as inclusive and accessible as possible. Find more of her work at maiawelbel.com and on Instagram @mwelbel.

Kaitlyn Chock

Kaitlyn Chock

is the sous chef and chief taste-tester at Closed Loop Cooking. She is also an event planner, marketer, yoga instructor, aerialist and nutritionist to-be. She loves complicating recipes and making things from scratch. And when she’s not in the kitchen, you’ll probably catch her pinning recipe ideas.

Moji Igun

Moji Igun

is the founder of Blue Daisi Consulting, a sustainability consulting company based in Seattle that gives small business owners the tools and resources they need to reduce waste and implement sustainable practices. She's not an expert chef, but loves to get creative in the kitchen. Her mission to help create a world that is sustainable and allows us all to thrive through low-waste living and activism.

Interested in contributing?

Have an idea for a recipe, feature story, or guide? We’re always looking for other folx to bring their voice to the table. Drop us a line here!

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