Resetting our habits for post-quarantine life

Jul 12, 2020 | by Moji Igun

illustrated journal with text "self keeping"

Illustrations by Hawnuh Lee.

We welcome back contributing writer, Moji Igun, for an important PSA on self care during quarantine.

To say life in quarantine has been an adjustment is a major understatement. My daily routine feels completely out of whack. Even as someone who already worked from home year-round, I still have needed to adjust the way I live. No more sporadic grocery runs because I want to maximize the amount of times between trips to the store. No more working from coffee shops for a change in scenery from working in my home office (or let’s be honest, my bed). No more planning trips to visit friends or to explore new places. Instead, I’ve had to find creative ways to fill that void while staying home.

As states start to transition out of quarantine, it’s important to give ourselves space to grieve our losses, process our feelings, and reset our habits. The past few months have been wild! I don’t know if future generations will believe us when we tell them we shut down the entire world for a while. This upcoming transition period is a good time to resolve some of the chaos we’ve been experiencing while setting ourselves up for healthier habits post-quarantine.

I’ve written a series of prompts to guide you through this process. They are categorized into three main themes: Nourish, Reflect, and Connect. It’s entirely okay to take only what you need and leave the rest.

You can download the habit tracker for free right here.

Now that you’ve completed all the prompts, my hope is you are able to settle into a new rhythm that feels good for your new reality. Whether it be transitioning into a new job or a new city or a new world view, you’re on your way to taking small steps forward into a post-quarantine world.

Did you use this habit tracker? Let us know! #closedloopcooking


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