7 scrappy podcast episodes for cooking in quarantine

Apr 3, 2020 | by Hawnuh Lee

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We’ve got hours to spend inside, working in a state of uncertainty and in new food terrain. A mismatch of ingredients no one would seek out in normal circumstances and wine supplies getting low. It’s time to get scrappy and we’ve got just the playlist for you. Some favorite, relevant podcast episodes to inspire your Chopped-esque cooking experiments and give you a bit of comic relief. It’s still possible to cook plant-based and low waste with sustainability in mind. Just helps to have a bit of encouragement along the way, we feel you fam. These great listens offer up a variety of resources, creativity, and friendly voices to help you stay sane. We love a good soundtrack in the kitchen.

Home Cooking with Samin Nosrat + Hrishikesh Hirway

Episode 1: Bean There, Done That

Samin is a national treasure and this playful, food forward podcast is sure to be a hit. We love her rapport with Hrishi and their deep bean dives. The two of them will soothe your cooking anxieties–it’s all about practice and building up your stocks of salts, fats, acids, and hard cheese. This first episode explores what we gain by cooking with the constraints of isolation and the wonders of farts, flavor, and latkes. Put it in the queue.

Second Life

Alison Roman: Cook, Best-Selling Author, and NYT Columnist

Some much needed food-scapism (that’s food escapism y’all.) Love this conversation with #thecookies lady, highlighting her career pivots and navigating the uncertainty of food media. Alison is a humble proponent of great flavor and easy cooking. Her approach to accessible eats is at the forefront of each of her cookbooks and will surely inspire you to not take yourself so seriously in the kitchen. Good advice.

The Ecopreneur Show

Good Intent // How to Create Meaningful Content

Vanina’s killer hosting skills are a great foil to her ambitious, eco-conscious guests. The gals of Good Intent, an online resource for low waste living, are sure to inspire you in this time of quarantine. They discuss how creating original, meaningful content can offer a genuine voice on social and provide a much needed outlet for those of us at home. May be a good time to invest in some multi-reuse items, hint hint.

One Woman Kitchen

Food Writer and Podcast host Korsha Wilson – A Mandate for Self-Reliance

Rozanne Gold graces us with her infinite wisdom in One Woman Kitchen, leading conversations with change-making women in the food industry. Korsha Wilson, food writer and storyteller, offers up her experiences around inclusivity, creating memorable food moments, and passing down traditional flavors. She’s an advocate for self-reliance, a good reminder as times move forward with uncertainty.

The Splendid Table

How to Shop and Eat Safely Now

An important how-to offering some assurances as we bring food to the table. J. Kenji López-Alt consults with experts on safe shopping and eating habits to better prepare us in the kitchen. Covering how to handle take-out, get through the grocery store, and prep properly at home. Sage wisdom friends.

Radio Cherry Bombe

Vegging Out with Wen-Jay Ying

Wen-Jay is founder of NYC org, Local Roots, a CSA serving the heart of the city, providing fresh produce even amidst times of crisis. Her work creates stability and offers food security, an inspiration we can all appreciate. We love her forward thinking approach to community building and this episode is a shining light of her commitment to quality. (Psst if you’re looking for a Portland CSA, here are our rec’s.)

A Taste of the Past

Women’s Work: History of Community Cookbooks

Recipes continue to be a reliable community builder, despite our distance. A shared recipe can invoke a closeness between cooks and offer a glimpse into someone else’s day to day. ATOTP takes us into the history of community cookbooks, a lovely reminder of how folx will come together through whatever means necessary, to support a common goal.

Here’s to quality content and a favorite podcast to listen to while you chop. We hope these give you a bit of comfort and encouragement.

Have other hot pods to suggest? We’d love to know what you’re listening to! Leave a comment to let us know and share on social #closedloopcooking <3

Stay hungry.

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