Favorite fruit leather

I’m currently eating sticky strips of this amazing fruit leather out of the jar as I’m writing… and I’m putting together where all of this shmuz on my computer is coming from. My lovely mother sent me a dehydrator! for my birthday a few weeks ago to help me prepare for my Scrap Supper pop-up. It’s the perfect gift for any gal turning 27 with little to no kitchen space and her priorities in order. Thank you mom, I love it! You definitely inspired this no-frills fruit leather recipe.

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Pluot Fruit Leather
pluot fruit leather

At the Farmer’s Market, $5 lighter and 30 pounds heavier, I left with a box of imperfect pluots and apples. I realized I had quite a bit of fruit I didn’t know what to do with. But that’s the beauty of scrap cooking! It encourages your creative side to make the most out of whatever’s on hand. I broke in my dehydrator on 3 rounds of apples and decided fruit leather would be an easy, delicious solution for my surplus squishy pluots. I love fruit leather! It’s flavorful, in theory lasts for a while (not in this house), and is super simple!

Fruit leathers at the grocery store come in quite a bit of non-recyclable packaging. These are a really convenient snack for on the go but I felt like there was a better, zero-waste way to approach this. I’ve since stopped purchasing fruit leathers from the store and love that I’ve found an easy way to use up overripe, extra, or imperfect fruit. Pluots have a great texture and tart sweetness that is perfect for dried fruit.

I realize not everyone has a dehydrator, but I’ve found quite a few communities online with members who are happy to share! Instead of taking up space in your own kitchen, borrow someone else’s. A few places to try looking:

  • Buy Nothing Facebook groups
  • Nextdoor app / asking your neighbors
  • Kitchen Shares (a kitchen tool library, this one is in NE Portland)

Do you have a favorite fruit leather flavor?
Let me know if you try this! #closedloopcooking

Stay hungry,
Hawnuh Lee
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Favorite fruit leather   by

Easy, 1 ingredient fruit leather to use up all your imperfect produce!

makes: 10 - 12 servings (ish) | prep time: 15 min | dehydrating: 8 - 10 hours | total time: 15 min

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  • 8 - 10 bruised / imperfect pluots


  1. Wash / rinse off pluots and remove pits (these can be composted.) Set fruit aside.
  2. Fill food processor up about half way with fruit pieces and pulse. Slowly add all fruit pieces and blend until smooth.
  3. Pour blended fruit onto dehydrator-safe sheet (a tray with no holes) and smooth out with a spoon or spatula.
  4. Place in dehydrator (I did approx 145°) for 8 – 10 hours. Finished fruit leather should be slightly sticky to the touch but not wet.
  5. Remove from dehydrator and peel back a corner to begin pulling off of sheet. Work slowly to keep pieces in tact. You can use a cookie scraper or spatula to help separate from the sheet and scissors to cut into equal strips. (Or just rip them into organic shapes as it comes off!)
  6. Enjoy! This should last about a month on the shelf in a container with a tight fitting lid.


For this recipe you'll need: a dehydrator, dehydrator-safe sheets (make sure this fits), a food processor

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