7 low waste swaps for plastic wrap

Mar 3, 2020 | by Hawnuh Lee

plastic wrap alternative to covering bread dough

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We’re giving plastic wrap a bad wrap–a flimsy film you use once to cover leftovers and throw into the ether of the bin, never having to think about it again. Far from a reliable solution, plastic aka cling wrap is just about impossible to recycle and will last seemingly infinite days in your local landfill. But there’s good news! There are low waste / zero waste alternatives to using plastic wrap to keep your food fresh. It’s a small act of change in your kitchen but it goes a long way. Think about how many rolls of cling you went through over Thanksgiving alone, it’s an unconscious accessory in most cooking. Sustainability in the kitchen begins with one habit shift at a time, introducing manageable swaps that reduce waste in a meaningful way. Making a concerted effort to lessen our reliance on cling wrap will help starve the landfill. Here’s 7 easy swaps to ditch plastic wrap and keep cooking!

1. A plate or clean linen

Cover resting or chilling dough with a simple plate or clean dish towel. A lot of recipes will tell ya to cover your cookie dough or yeasty bread to be with plastic wrap while it sits in the fridge or on the counter. Replace that wrap with a plate that covers the bowl or a clean linen or two and you’ll protect your goods just as good.

2. Beeswax wraps

Eco-friendly, reusable magic wrap that’s perfect for saving leftovers, wrapping halves of avocados, and packing sandwiches to go! Great to have on hand and easy to pack when not in use. Easily moldable from the warmth of your hands you can form it to fit just about any produce or piece of dishware. Bee’s Wrap is a reusable fav you’ll pull out almost daily.

3. A bowl

If you’ve also run out of containers you can save your produce by placing the cut side down on a bowl. This protects the produce and buys you a few extra days until that tupperware is clean again. Super basic, right? Who needs cling?

4. Airtight containers for liquids

You can avoid wrapping a container in an excess of plastic wrap if you test it out ahead of time. Anyone else feel an angry pinch when you see a plastic wrapped to-go cup? Why?

5. Glass jars

My favorite form of storage. Truly, you can forgo a cling wrapped container 100% of the time if you’ve got other storage options on hand. Glass jars can be thrifted, repurposed from that excess of pickle juice you have in the fridge (just me?), or if you just need a bunch to get started, invest in a few to help ya get that collection started. Reuse first!

6. Bowl covers

Speciality stretch covers that are perfectly reusable and fit most bowls. They store and clean easily and you don’t have to put your leftovers into another, smaller container. Helps to have a sophisticated stripe pattern looking back at you from the fridge.

7. Parchment paper

Preferably unbleached parchment paper you can compost once you’re done with it. Ideal if you need to gift a snack or don’t have any other containers handy.

Small swaps make all the difference. Let the plastic wrap you have on hand now be the last you buy!

What other swaps are y’all finding for plastic wrap?? Let us know! #closedloopcooking

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