nighttime rituals illustration

Finding your favorite nighttime ritual

We all deserve better sleep. Improve your nighttime habits, improve your life. From diet weed (CBD) to evening yoga (and a little less screen time) we can all try to catch more zzz’s.

March 11, 2021 | by Kaitlyn Chock

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A lil’ primer on sustainable skin care

Skinimalism can have a big impact on the planet, less products means less trash, and on you–your mental health, physical health and financial health. You can love yourself and your skincare or makeup routine and benefit from embracing your natural skin texture.

January 20, 2021 | by Kaitlyn Chock

illustration of boiling kettle, tea cup, incense, and plant

Post-election wind down

We’ve put together a collection — a care package if you will — of resources and practices keeping us afloat that we hope will help you care for yourself as well.

November 5, 2020 | by Maia Welbel

illustrated journal with text "self keeping"

Resetting our habits for post-quarantine life

This upcoming transition period is a good time to resolve some of the chaos we’ve been experiencing while setting ourselves up for healthier habits post-quarantine.

July 12, 2020 | by Moji Igun

loose leaf herbal tea

Low waste self love

Let’s celebrate this Valentine’s Day with some important self care reminders we can keep up with everyday of the year.

February 14, 2020 | by Sara Weinreb

rainbow chard

Real food to reduce food waste

One of the ways we can reduce our environmental impact is by consuming plants in their whole form. We can make big changes in our everyday choices.

May 31, 2019 | by Rachel Wood

setting intentions abstract green illustration

Setting intentions for sustainable, mindful eating

Setting intentions will help us mindfully reduce our waste, one paper towel at a time. The aim here is to create mindfulness that will help us make manageable changes over time.

January 13, 2019 | by Hawnuh Lee